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Mad Mayhem Who??

Mad Mayhem is the ONLY Junior Roller Derby in Mad Co, in fact the Mad Mayhem are one of three Junior Roller Derby teams in Alabama.  Our coaches not only teach how to play roller derby safely, but they also assure that our environment is a safe place for skaters both physically and emotionally.  We are a fully inclusive team where anyone from the ages of 8-18 can come play and not only grow as an athlete but as a person.  We believe that those who find derby need derby, and Roller Derby gives back 10 fold not only in skills but in confidence. 

Everyone needs a place where they can be themselves.  Free of judgement, and we just happen to think that everything is better on skates.

Wanna Cause Some Mayhem?

Are you someone that values individuality and skates to their own beat?

Do you want to be with others who feel the same?

If you answered YES, then you are Mad Mayhem Waiting to happen!!

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