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Our "Fresh meat" (Beginner) program is roughly 6-8 weeks but depending on the skater it could be less or more if needed. At the end the goal is for each skater to be a “Level 1” skater which will allow us to start with “no contact” derby.  This program is perfect for either a new to derby skater or a previous derby skater who needs to brush up on their skills.  

Skills taught in the Fresh meat program include:

Falling safely (VERY important in Derby)

Skating in Derby stance

Skating on one foot


Sticky skating

Stride Skating

Intro to Derby pack work

Rules and penalties for Level 1

Some notes about Roller Derby:
Roller Derby (especially Junior Roller Derby) is not a common sport. Up until 3 years ago we were the ONLY Jr. Roller Derby team in the state of Alabama. Jr. Roller Derby is split into 3 levels. Level 3 is most likely what you picture in your head when you imagine derby. It's the hitting/contact derby. Your skater will be starting as “Fresh Meat”. We have to teach skaters how to derby skate (which is different than rink skating as you get low when you skate) and we have to teach skaters how to fall. Falling safely is the most important thing we can teach a skater. So the first several weeks, practice will not look like “derby”, but once we get the skaters up to level 1, we can do a no contact scrimmage which will be exciting for the skaters. Our goal is to not only teach the skaters how to learn derby but also make it FUN! Derby is an amazing sport at any level and we are very excited to welcome your skater into the world of Junior Roller Derby.

1. Derby Skates – these are quad (4 wheel) skates they are different than your normal rink skates. The boot is lower and the toe stops are often different as well.  Borrowing normal quad skates like roller rink skates is fine to start.  From experience, once they decide they like derby purchasing derby skates will make drills much easier on the skater. Riedell is a very good intro brand and Insanity also sells these.
2. Helmet, wrist guard, elbow pads and knee pads – these can be gotten at most sporting stores. We do have some gear (elbow and knee pads) to borrow but it’s not a lot but it may help for the first few practices.
3. Mouth guard – this is a moldable mouth guard that you put in hot water and mold to the skaters mouth. These can be gotten in the football section at a sporting goods store. Nearly all of our skaters prefer the “Sisu” mouth guards. These can be gotten from amazon. Insanity occasionally has them on hand in the skate shop.

4. Attire - Stretchy comfortable shorts and shirt.  NO JEANS.

5. NO JEWLERY!  Jewelry can get caught and cause harm to the skater.  

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